Lower end EOS R body to omit the touch bar


Jul 16, 2012
The phone autocopy option on the EOS-R is in my view a fantastic alternative for various scenarios. It doesnt replace two card slots, but its something that doesnt seem to get a lot of airtime as another way to backup your shooting if its particularly vital.

Edit: And agreed on the two card solution being too slow on the 5diii/7d2, I never use the SD card other than for piece of mind as extra storage if the CF card was full, or to copy over to use the SD slot directly on my laptop.


Jan 21, 2015
(crossed fingers) Let it have IBIS... Let it have IBIS... Let it have IBIS...
Nero, Since Canon is so dominant, it has no excuses....right. I own a 1DX2 that badly underperforms my comrades D5 in in critical areas for wildlife photography such as AF, ISO and dynamic range. They used to be Canon shooters. The venerable 5D4 doesn't compare with the D850 in AF, FR, ISO, or MP. My EOS R is a good first-try camera but lags badly to Sony's offerings like the A7R3, A73 or A9. Pick your spec.....where does the EOS R prevail.......well I do like the flip screen. Inferior products lose market share. Stop being Fanboy blind.
You just explained why Sony will lose FF mirrorless marketshare.


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Mar 6, 2017
That touch bar nonsense reminds of the same thing on Macbooks. Crap that people don't need, don't want and would really wish they didn't have to pay for. And yet Apple and Canon push unwanted creepy tech on us. We want better sensors - Canon gives us touch bar. OMG. I just can't.
I use the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro all the time and love it and so glad it there because it’s very useful in PS and LR. So maybe not for you for some reason but definitely for me.


Mar 2, 2012
You just explained why Sony will lose FF mirrorless marketshare.
The only way Sony would not lose marketshare is of none of the three new competitors fielding 5 new cameras made a single sale. Of course they will.

And, as noted above, they might lose market share while capturing more y/y sales.