Matt Granger Nikon Z7 review


Canon 6DII
Feb 16, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Thanks for directing us to 19 minutes - he does go on and on, which is what I dislike about youtube.
Yes, thank you for saving me 19 minutes of my life :) The on and on is why I generally don't watch YouTube reviews. To save people an additional 10 minutes of their life, the short short version:

- Great D850 sensor
- Ergonomics great
- Image Stabilization great
- AF overall not as good as latest generation of Sony's
- FTZ adaptor works well, aboutl 80% of native speed
- Adapted lenses usable but not awesome
- Usable EVF but there's some lag
- Over 1000 shots for a battery (!!)

- 1 card slot on flagship model
- Buffer is too small
- Can't use and charge with USB-C
- Won't charge from USB battery pack

I thought the strangest "like" was he characterization of the adapted FTZ lenses working at 80% of the native autofocus speed as a good thing. I think that'd be a deal-breaker for me (ie I would buy new Z lenses or stick with my DSLR).

Also, skipping through the video, he did mention no Eye AF.

I gaze wistfully at the mode dial. It's like, if I took the best stuff from A7R3, R, and Z7, there'd be a mirrorless camera that I'd actually really like.
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A few days ago, I went into to have a look at the R at my favourite B&M camera store and had a chat with one of the salesmen there.
He told me that he's had a lot of people come in to see the R and he's sold a few of them.
He also told me that he's had hardly any interest in the Nikon mirrorless and hasn't sold one yet.

I wonder how the comparative sales will be for these new cameras.

I still like my 5D3...…………..