Military Aircraft: airshows, operational, whatever, lets see what you have!

Dec 12, 2013
I had a quick search on the forum and could not find a topic on this so, here goes. My main photographic passion is military aircraft. Although I do often take shots at airshows or bases, the thing I enjoy most is photographing them in the low level training areas, mainly in the UK. To show you what I mean, these are from my last trip a couple of weeks ago, bit of a slow day  All taken with a Canon 7D+ 300/2.8L+1.4x TC

USAF MC-130 Talon II

RAF Hawk T1

RAF Hawk T2

I have many, many more shots but I'd love to see what stuff you guys (and girls) have on this subject!!!
Dec 12, 2013
Some great shots here already. Love the BAF Viper Air-2-Airs and also the VC10 (missing those already). Great to see some old warbirds as well

A few of the much missed RAF Harriers, retired too early and now sitting in the desert in Arizona



Dec 17, 2012
You all have some amazing pics, an I love to sera the pic from the service personal which we could never get on our own.....