Military Aircraft: airshows, operational, whatever, lets see what you have!


EOS 7D mk.II
Aug 15, 2017
Thanks Click, Wiebe and Graham

The camera and lens are good as new but I did have my only CFast fail on the Thursday before the show. Being Easter weekend and a small country town, there was no where to get a CFast or even a CF replacement. Switched all my CF cards to the 1D and picked up a SD for the 5D on the Saturday morning - that caused me to get stuck in traffic to the show and I missed getting shots of the 3 Spitfire formation (MkIX, Tr9 and MkXIV)... looked good from the road though!
How many Yaks/Nanchangs can you fit in one image?
Diagonally one more then if they were horizontal :ROFLMAO:;)

Excellent pictures, I'm not going to repeat the praise for the Spitfire...
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