Namibia - 5d III


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Mar 8, 2013
I know a number of photographers dream of a trip to Namibia. I had the chance to spend a few weeks in May and I can say that the reputation of this country is not a lie. I think I have a relatively conventional route:
- Etosha
- Epupa Falls
- Khorixas area (incredible)
- Spitzkoppe
- Walvis Bay / Swakopmund
- Sesriem / Sossusvlei
- Back to Etosha!

It was my first safari experience so i made some mistakes in etosha but i think i have learned. I saw elephants (easy...), lions (male, female, children), leopards, cheetah... I do not think there are areas better than others. I still prefer Hallali, water points around are exceptional (many carnivores) and people are more respectful of nature. I was shocked to see that at Okaukuejo, everyone was laughing, talking loudly, without looking at the spectacle of the water hole...
If (with my limited experience) I had to give advice:
- Leaving the camp as soon as possible
- Do not drive like a maniac on the road
- Take detours (I saw lions in the middle of the road and so many other things ...)
- During the day, do not just look at the water point but the whole area around, especially the shadows

For equipment, I had a 70-300mm L 5dIII (also 24mm and 24-105mm). Of course sometimes i was too short, but the equipment has still allowed me to take some "acceptable" pictures . I let you judge.

Do not hesitate to ask questions!


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