New R bodies.

Jan 10, 2020
I have had no issues with mine, have gone from my DSLR and it prob took 15 mins to get to grips with the camera. Might just be how I have set it up but it’s the most intuitive camera I have used. Don’t even overly mind the touchpad but a button system would be more preferable of course.
My only issues Have been build quality.


24mm TS-e ii is life!
Sep 21, 2017
I'm actually super happy with the EOS R. Coming from the 5Diii I had mainly thought it would be good to use all of my vintage glass on, but like others here it quickly became my go to, even for my paid work. At first hated the Touch Bar, but have also come to love it, I really hope they don't ditch it, my only complaint with it is that I sometimes swipe it inadvertently while turning the mode dial. But I have it set up as swipe to zoom in, so it's not like I'm changing a critical setting.