Odds of us seeing a G7X II Successor this year?

Aug 21, 2018
Washington, DC
I've been holding out on getting another point and shoot ever since we got that rumored spec sheet a few months back. The M50 is plenty portable, but sometimes I need to pack even lighter and I've been waiting for them to drop that G7X Mark III announcement, but I haven't heard/seen anything since. To my knowledge, there are 2 big camera events left this year, and I'm on the verge of being forced (1st world problem) to pick up the G1X MKIII, which isn't as pocketable as my old G7X II was, though the weather-sealing is a plus. Completely unfamiliar with release cycles and the like, and it seems like they already have a DPAF capable 1-inch sensor on the market, so what can we expect based on their history?

Don't need the 4K but the DPAF is something I'd rather not miss out on by picking up another G7X II while waiting if it can be avoided.
Jul 13, 2013
agreed and late response. but i agree. I have a sony a7ii, a canon 5d3, an eos m, an olympus em5, and a bunch of stuff for portable shooting, but man, a do everything camera would be great.

i was lugging my 5d3 w/ my 85L, 35L, and 24-70L through manhattan last week and it was really really heavy. I wanted to reclaim some space in my peak design bag for a sweatshirt, bottle of water, first aid kit, and a usb battery pack, but there was hardly any room!

It would be nice to have a small P&S camera w/ a micro tripod, a small LED Panel, and a mic jack so I can run a lav do to my podcast and vlog stuff. but currently the only thing that fits the bill is the a6300.
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Aug 21, 2018
Washington, DC
That last report had me crossing my fingers. I was going to pull the trigger one something full-frame after the EOS R ended up not being what I was looking for, but I might just save my beans until this is announced.
Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
I use the G7X II for my travel camera, and if a successor comes out next year before my summer travels, I'll probably buy one. I'm quite pleased with the one I have and have taken really good pictures with it, but if there are features in the new one that appeal to me, the size stays about the same, and the price is not outrageous, that will be my next camera purchase.