Official: D850 sensor was made by you know who


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ahsanford said:
Durf said:
Some may be surprised that the Sony Alpha line of cameras are basically restructured and re-branded Minolta cameras.....

I personally don't think it's really all that big of a deal Nikon may be having Sony making a sensor for them, the D850 is a beast of a camera and Sony really doesn't have anything like it. I could care a less that it may have a Sony made sensor.

Personally I'd rather have the Nikon D850 or even the Pentax K-1 over any Sony Camera right now, but that is just me and my preference.

All those smaller cameras seem to me would be like trying to mount a 70-200mm to a friggin gopro! ;)
The Sony A99-II is 42 MP x 12 fps with a decently chunky grip for big lenses. That's not far off from what the D850 is offering (at least at a superficial market-segment level).

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Yes, that does look like a beast. I'd love to play with it for a day or two using all my old Takumars and other vintage glass!
I'll stick with my Canon DSLR's though, I'm too heavily invested, besides, I love using them....(love Canon Lenses too) ;)


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Jul 13, 2012
maybe Canon will utilize a Sony sensor soon