OMG, what should I do? DPReview scores Eos R just at 79 - ;-)


May 11, 2017
yes. I do expect Canon to still come out ahead of the game at the end of the day. Just saying "they could have made it easier for themselves and a lot harder for their competition".
Be interesting to know how Canon and Nikon, especially, see the game playing out over time. How many cards do each of them have left on the table? One card that Canon might play sooner or later would to readjust the price of the R downward. I am not convinced that the R will be as big a dud as some people think, especially for people who aren't into video or spray and pray action photography. Neither Sony or Nikon can match the touchscreen interface or articulated LCD. And there are a lot of people out there with EF lenses.

I agree that Canon will have to come up with one or more higher level cameras with the RF mount, but I don't think they needed to roll one out in the first announcement. The R and Z systems are out there now, and people may take a while making up their minds about what they want to see at the higher price levels in the mirrorless systems. It will be interesting how the Z7 sells. The Z7's main competition seems to be the Sony alphas, the D850--and the Z6.