Overseas certification list updated: LP-E6 battery cameras with same radio parts as 'KissM'

Antono Refa

EOS Rebel SL2
Mar 26, 2014
That's two cameras - both the DS 126721 and PC 2357. Any guess what those cameras might be? A PowerShot G? Mirrorless crop? Mirrorless FF?


Particular Member
Aug 16, 2012
DS 126721 (from a prior certification post, pan about 2/3 of the way down) was listed as "Mirrorless or SLR" and the larger battery put this in to 'FF Mirrorless possible' territory.

K424 / K433 / EC 811 = Three new mirrorless cameras, but sensor size is unknown. Could be crop.

PC 2357 = may be a new ID for us to track.

(Someone here has surely been tracking these -- can any cross-reference the latest tell in the original post above vs. the prior long certification list we saw here in july?)

- A