parts for Canon 180mm f/3.5 macro


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Apr 15, 2016
Anyone have tips for getting parts for a 180mm f/3.5 macro? I've lost one of the screws (and proprietary recessed washers) that hold the tripod ring in place. It's one of four screws on the outside of the barrel under the ring, and the screws work loose over time.

The Canon Parts store no longer has that screw (and haven't since 2003 they say). No luck with B&H, Midwest Camera, Lensrentals, etc. I looked for used broken lenses, but no luck there either.

Can't bring myself to pay for a new 180mm when all I need is one silly little screw and washer of just the right size.



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Oct 4, 2011
you might have to adapt/modify from a find at you local hardware store
other two options would be a getting a aftermarket tripod ring or (even harder to get) find someone that would lend you that screw and washer and get it "copied"/machined. It is possible to make a mold and then cast one in hard polymer/resin, but still think the hardware store is you best choice