Patent: Canon camera with in-body stabilization and in-lens stabilization working together.


Jun 29, 2016
An idea: Canon can take it or not, it's up to them. I've been in an event, and there was a guy with Sony camera, 7 something. I looked at the EVF and, have to say, I didn't like what I've seen. the Image was NOT the one that the eye saw, the whole image was brighter than the one I've seen with my eyes, it was pixeleted too, which was extremely annoying when looking at moving objects. I also understand that the world is going to mirrorless cameras, that is without the flipping mirror. But since the viewfinder is, i my view, much better than any EVF, I looked to see if there is a way to combine the two technologies. And to my surprise there is! A simple search for "mirror liquid crystal" revealed that there is such a thing, an electronic controlled mirror, that can flip from transparent to mirror by changing the current it is exposed to (for example: ). Not sure any camera manufacturer will adopt this technology, but it seems to have the best of the two. Non moving mirror while keeping the viewfinder optical.