People enjoying sailing, boating, jet skiing etc.

Jul 31, 2018
Hi Mirage.
This is very nice, the vastness of the scene is very evocative, I always blow a shot like this by zooming in on the subject, in this instance the surfer, l seem to miss the bigger picture so to speak.
Cheers, Graham.
hehe. Sometimes you can even have both!

1. Looking out on the adriatic sea from top of Island Kornat in Croatia, off the Dalmatian Coast. Not even a wide-angle shot but @55mm on APS-C sensor. Yes, I do like the sea, boats and wake. :)

2. Still @55mm, same boat, just a few moments later and framing further to the left, horizon a bit higher.

Of course I could also not resist to switch lenses, zoom in and pan on the next boat passing by. :D

Take your pick! :)

PS: Location is here: Highly recommended. But please don't visit all at once, it is nicer uncrowded.
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