Pixma Pro 100 false alarm on empty cartridges?

Nov 8, 2014
My Pixma Pro 100 is saying the LGY cartridge is empty (not low, empty) and that is very dangerous to continue printing from there.

However, as you can see in the photo the sponge is quite soaked and there is still a good amount left. On the other cartridges I changed before, the reservoir (on the right in this photo) is always completely empty. Here you can see there's about 20% left.

Is it ok to keep overriding the warning while still keeping an eye on the level by inspecting after every print?


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Mar 25, 2011
Printers estimate the ink remaining, there is no detector that actually measures the amount of ink. If you can see ink in the tank, and the printer will print, use it. My Epson printer will stop printing totally if it believes a tank is empty. I reset the chip to full and keep using it until It is obviously empty.