Pls Advise on testing a 7D on CL


Aug 8, 2011
There's a local seller who is selling a 7D with kit lens 28-135mm. He has no papaer work/ no box etc, just the strap / 1 CF card and lens covers. He says it is pristine condition and 2 years old. He is asking $1100.

How much should I offer and what should I test it for if the deal goes through..


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Oct 28, 2011
aside from the standard CL caveats of public place, daylight hours, etc., I would recommend taking your own CF card and laptop to review camera output as you ran it thru some basic tests, such as:

EV bracketing
continuous frame (standard and high speed)
AF tracking
varuious settings in all modes
pop-up flash performance
Auto ISO

you may want to take a (single) go-to lens you are familiar with, so you can have something to metally benchmark against.

physical inspection is only part of the game.

counter-offer low...never hurts to try.

good luck!


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Jul 21, 2010
Do you need the lens? I suppose you could sell it - they are common, but if you price it at $150 it may sell.

FWIW, on my local CL, there are 7D's ranging from $900 to $1100, and the $1100 ones (there are two) include either a 28-135 lens or the BG-E7 grip.

As for testing, if you can, bring a laptop with EOSInfo (40D shutter count on Mac) to connect and test shutter count, you can grab a tethered shot and immediately look at 100% mag, check the battery status in the menu (my 7D is from 2010 and both batteries still show three bars, but my 5DII was 6 months younger, and both batteries were down to two bars). Bring a lens of your own, one you know is sharp and centered, and check sharpness with Live View AF. Shoot a dark frame and look for hot/stuck pixels. Bring a small flashlight to look inside the battery and CF compartments for any evidence of moisture/corrosion.


Aug 8, 2011
Great Tips thanks.

Yes I do not need the 28-135mm. I was planning to sell it for about $200 since I sold mine last year for $250. That brings the price down to $900. I have already countered him at $1k ::)

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Mar 25, 2011
K-amps said:
Marine03 said:
Why not get a Canon Loyalty Program referb 7D? Costs less or same and 90 day warranty
To get into CLP, don't I have to trade something in?
A junk 35mm film slr or old powershot will do it. Just give them the serial number. They e-mail you a shipping label so you can send it to the recycling center where is will be crushed. I doubt if anyone really cares if you actually send one, they just want a serial number.
I pick up old Canon film SLR bodies just for the lens for $5 or $10 at garage sales, and save the body for CLP. Check your local craigslist for old $10 powershots, broken is preferred. You can usually get one for $10 or less.