POLL? How many are preordering the EOS R?


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Sep 1, 2018
Not going to purchase one either. Had this camera come out last year at his time, before I bought my 5d4, then I'd probably be getting one. I'm going to wait for canon's more professional camera to come out and then decide. Even then, I'll probably wait for the second generation of these cameras and for the line to mature even more before making a move. My 5d4 and 6d will be plenty good for years to come.
I sold my 5d IV and came out ahead on the eos R, very glad I did, this camera is familiar yet more powerful. Only thing some people complain about that really matters vs the 5d IV is the single card slot. Insurance is always a good idea but for me I only used SD cards anyway so it didn’t matter. This is an improved 5d in my opinion. Some weird stuff missing though, where’s my built-in intervalometer? Otherwise ergonomics are perfect, not missing any old controls. Video is similar. Photos are similar, AF is better, flippy screen is better, battery life is good, Audio is better, and the lens adapter is an awesome tool to only need one variable ND TO RULE THEM ALL (don’t have it yet but I can speculate it will be good)! best of luck do everyone but I’m glad I switched.