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lion rock

Jan 1, 2013
Dramatic photo.
Good combo for shooting. (I only with it works a bit faster.)

KeithBreazeal said:
A wet & wild day at the Bodie State Park. Thunderstorms all day with a small break late in the afternoon.
Canon EOS M5, 11-22mm.


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Jul 29, 2012
Vern said:
Vern said:
Backpacking in Yosemite last week. Half dome at sunset from North dome. 5DSR, ISO 100, 16-35 III, f8, HDR.
still working on these - a bit wider view from a few minutes earlier. trying to decide on which of these to print. opinions?
I prefer the second one. Beautiful picture, Vern.


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GammyKnee said:
Sporgon said:
In the few minutes of light that I had at Loch Morlich I got a slightly earlier shot; here it is, this time on the Tamron 45 SP. Of the two I think I prefer this one.
I liked the first one, but I like this one much more; the smoother water and absence of rocks let my eyes go straight to the distant shoreline for the payoff. Cracking shot!
Many thanks Paul and Lion Rock. This one was shot on the 45mm, the first one was 28mm and in truth I'm not really a fan of wide angle lenses for landscape, at least not in the 2:3 format.