Post your HDR images:

Sep 3, 2014
Thanks guys. Any thoughts on cloning out the freeway lights? I thought streaks would be cool, but now I find them distracting.
Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
There are really a lot of interesting and beautiful pictures in this thread, examples of many different looks that people are aiming for. I even like a lot of the surreal looking ones. My relatively few HDR efforts aim more for trying to make the photo look like how I remember the place looking, and trying to give the viewer some sense of what it felt like to be there.

The picture below is one I posted on a thread about dynamic range in the 6D II. I was illustrating how I feel DR limitations really only in situations that are beyond what any camera can do in one shot now. In my travel photos (which I shoot with the G7X Mark II), I'm often wanting stained glass windows to look good, while still showing detail in the church interior. I think I got the interior a little too bright to look natural, but that could be about right by the time I print it out on my Epson R3000 on 13"x19" paper. This is from the chapel of the Order of the Thistle in St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh; two shots merged in Adobe Bridge. I also did a more straight-on, but still looking up pair of shots and corrected the verticals in that merger, but I like this one better.
Jan 24, 2013
Vern said:
While I don't normally try over "painterly" settings in HDR, I thought this scene cried out for it.
5DMKIV, ISO 400, 16-35III, 34mm, f8, 1/30.
Ordinarily not my taste at all, but in this case it works for me.