Potential Canon EOS R Mark II specifications [CR1]


Jan 18, 2019
Hahaha my apologies, I thought he said ibis, yes I agree with you, not having backlit buttons is not a big thing although it would be Kool, muscle memory normally takes care of that problem. For me I'm hoping for IBIS, 2 card slots, and improved eyeAF.
What do you guys think about this expensive CFexpress card?
BSI refers to the sensor not the buttons on the back of the camera.


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How does this even make sense for writing to both cards simultaneously if one of the card writes newly 10 times faster than another? At 12 FPS and presumably 30Mb per an average RAW file that's 360Mb/s....
Maybe it will only send jpegs to the slower card in this configuration...
Also,the burst rate might slow down, as it happens on the 5D Mark IV when you write to both cards.
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How does this even make sense for writing to both cards simultaneously if one of the card writes newly 10 times faster than another? At 12 FPS and presumably 30Mb per an average RAW file that's 360Mb/s....
Sure having two matching slots is always ideal. However, lets assume the SD is UHS-II (couldn't imagine it not being so in 2020). So what are Canon options: Dual CFE or Dual UHS-II SD or one of each.

If they go dual CFE you wouldn't hear the end of it from people complaining they are forced to buy these expensive cards that may have no benefit for the type of photography they do. This is a constant complaint about the Z6/7. Even people considering a $6500 1DXIII can be heard mumbling about the card investment they have to add on top.

If they go dual SD UHS-II then the best you can get out of the camera is that speed. People complain about Sony not including something faster than UHS-II which I agree with having shot A7RIV and shooting A9....it is way to slow to clear the large buffer (although this may be in part due to other parts of the overall system).

If they go one CFE and one UHS-II SD then people who don't want to upgrade cards can go as cheap as running a single UHS-I card for $10. Or you can max out performance (in camera and at the computer) by just using the CFE (maybe jpeg backup to SD if you need backup depending on how that affect overall buffer and write performance). If you need RAW mirroring then you are no worse off than dual SD.

I think for this price point of camera, CFE/SD is the ideal solution to please the majority of users.


Mar 12, 2019
Ok, so the rumor suggest that this is the workhorse camera 5dmk4 mirrorless equivalent/upgrade and get's a throughput bus to support the 1970 MB/s CFexpress bus. This would be the eyeopener. The 12fps and 4k video only makes sense. As most fotogs need the option of posting video clips also along with those stills directly.


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Aug 30, 2019
All I want is the Canon version of the A7R4. Give me sufficient speed, high megapixels, and an effective crop mode. Wouldn’t it be nice to replace the 5DS and 7Dii in one go?
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Dec 25, 2012
Maybe edit your post to say "Two card slots, one SD, one CF Express"
The current wording made me blow my coffee out my nose.


Mar 22, 2016
I just wish they could make a high MP R that could be fully functional at a lower resolution but with much higher FPS and give it some 1 level features and a decent size without added weight. That would steal my money at almost any price.

I’ll be right in line for this camera after you


Jan 16, 2014
Actually, I would like to see the new R body be full size like my 5D III/5DS. Besides the comfort and ergonomics for big hands, it would win over a lot of current 5D series users. I also have the M5 and it's a great little camera except for the ergonomics. The other alternative is split the 5D line with a mirrorless EF mount. Call it the 5D-M.


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Jun 3, 2013
San Jose - CA
Dang.. THIS IS WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE CURRENT R. I love my R, really do, but this should have been the R. This is exciting for G.A.S. Time to work my R to make the funds for the new R! And the trinity..and all the 1.2's. new term: CFPAF (canon fanboy poor AF) + FL (for life)


Feb 3, 2013
this is how i've felt for years. as a landscape photo guy, i dont need IBIS or any video options, and it sucks to keep paying higher prices for something i dont want or use. we've got dedicated video lines, now all our still cameras are hybrid video/stills cameras. i dont think it's too much to hope for dedicated stills cameras again.
This issue has been debated for years. Some time ago there were a number of threads about it on CR. Here is a link to one of them:

I believe the general consensus was that including video probably reduces the price of a camera body by making it appeal to a wider audience and thus selling more units and allowing for greater economy of scale.


Dec 25, 2017
Get an R and use it! It's a fantastic camera for $1400 and takes excellent photos. Don't be turned away by the camera collectors--they've got their own priorities.
I can only agree. It delivers the same iamge quality as the canon 5D IV which is simply excellent. Colors, Contrast, Sharpness, its just nice. Dynamic range was NEVER an issue for me (and even my Sony a7r IV wasnt any gamechanger for me. Actualy I still prefer my 5D IV because of the better ergonomics and the nicer colors). Its just a good camera at that price point (if you arent interested in video)
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Sep 29, 2018
The R I have is fine for taking stills. I don't see any need to upgrade for that. On the video side I have mostly given up on Canon. IBIS + IAF though could make this a killer for hand held video shooting. But I suspect it will come in at $5000 in Canada which would make it a non stater for me.

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Nov 12, 2019
I agree. Would make me consider to switch back to Canon from my beloved Fuji xpro system. I miss the full frame sensor, no matter what others say ;) But love the Fuji compactness and the fantastic lenses though.
if the lens released by canon for the RF mount in future are as good as the ones released already... I will also swap from EF eventually.

That said, I would really need to see an awesome improvement in AF, noise or lack off, 2 stops of DR extra from my 5DIII. All that by saving around 30 to 40% in size and keeping the specs seen in these rumor.
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Jan 12, 2020
Please get this with 4k @60 even with 1.5x crop is fine & take my money. Else wouldn't have any choice but to go for Sony A7IV or A7SIII. But I need canon for its beautiful skin tones and awesome RF mount
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