Preorder: Photolemur 3.0, our favourite quick image enhancement software

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Jul 20, 2010
Photolemur is the world’s first fully automated solution for creating perfect photos.
It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement.
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Photolemur is powered by artificial intelligence that recognizes objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage and more; distinguishes between portraits, landscapes and macro photographs; and applies the appropriate enhancements for each type of image.

Photolemur 3.0 includes the world’s first fully automatic processing and retouching of faces: skin smoothing, removing skin defects, smart eye enlargement and hair structure.
The new Photolemur 3.0 version has six new styles along with the ability to impose them on images. The program is also able to enhance a large number of photos simultaneously: more than 200 images at the same time, which will speed up a workflow...
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