R Adaptor with variable ND Filter

Sorry if I've missed it in the deluge of info, but has anyone seen further details about the EOS R to EF adaptor with the variable ND filter. I can see it for pre-order on a few sites but details are sketchy. For instance, what range of stops does the variable ND offer? Will third parties be able to make filters for it?
I shoot with a 5DSR at the moment and I'm no rush to move to mirrorless but I think this is a genius idea. ND filters that could be used with the 11-24 without having to carry a massive adaptor and dinner plate sized filters would be superb.


Aug 23, 2013
It is sad that they do not even tell you this on Canon USA's website.

From Canon Japan:
Variable bundled the ND filter, ND3 ~ equivalent of the density adjustment ND500 in the adjustment dial ※ is possible.

So ND500 is this 9 stops?
Aug 23, 2013
Canon Japan also shows the Polarizer and Clear as an accessory to this.
So hopefully they will offer these slide ins by themselves.

I bought the circ pol for the 500mm Version I from Canon and I always thought it was crap.
I really hope we see great 3rd party options eventually.