Rain cover


Aug 1, 2013
Seen various types, from heavy duty ones with 2 hand access and monopod/tripod to cheaper once/twice reuse Optech ones (would get expensive if I kept having to bin them), or a bin bag tied around end of lens and a hole for viewfinder (have done this once but it wasn't ideal), or a chamois cloth.

Any recommendations? I don't shoot in the rain too often, mainly just motorsports (as a spectator, so if fences in the way I tend to leave the camera in the bag)

The price of Optech (£6ish) appeals to me. Quality of the heavier duty ones appeals. Chammois, again price and recommendations appeal to me, but seems like a water trap to me :eek:

Shooting with 7D and 70-200L primarily (yes I know they have weather sealing, but I'm not sure I want to risk that in heavy/constant rain. Especially as I don't earn anything (apart from experience and fun) from taking photos.


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Jun 6, 2012
S Florida
I use a Lenscoat Raincoat RS small. They're $50. If your shooting mainly motorsports and don't need to wear your raincoat on a pod, the Vortex Media Storm Jacket would likely do the same for less.



I don't like using them, but then again, I don't particularly like shooting in the rain either :p