RF mount video products in the works, could see an RF Cinema EOS camera

Nov 4, 2011
There's a lot of discussion of Canon playing catch-up to Sony. The one thing that keeps Canon in the fight is still Canon color. The Panasonic and Sony camera color science is good enough and can be fixed in post, but my colleagues and I are still impressed with the skin tones out of the camera on the Canons. If Canon makes an appealing and affordable camera late in the game, we'll happily switch back.


EOS 700D
Sep 1, 2018
lol. Right now Canon probably is selling more M50s than all doomed mirrorslapping Rebels + 80Ds + 7D IIs + all Nikon crop slappers combined. :)
The problem comes when you need to use a dedicated flash. Imagine mounting huge flashes on small M-bodies
Jul 31, 2018
The problem comes when you need to use a dedicated flash. Imagine mounting huge flashes on small M-bodies
no major problem for me. I just put Canon ST-E3-RT wireless commander in the hot-shoe and use one or more 600EX off-shoe. :)

Best solution would of course be if Canon finally would start to integrate RT commanders into camera bodies. Ideally "optional & modular" as SD card [form factor] ... and 2 or 3 SD slots in every camera. Also, WiFi & LTE could go onto an SD card and GPS as well. Then everybody could buy the cards they want/need and quickly configure camera to the task at hand simply by inserting desired mix of SD cards/modules.

Don't understand why it is not implemented that way. It would also nicely circumvent any issues with different FCC regulations / approvals in different continents/countries. Canon would just have to register the card modules, not camera bodies.
Nov 19, 2017
Instead of video camera's I think they should diversivy their photo camera collection first. Hardly interested in video on regular camera's so this has a less than lukewarm interest for me
Feb 6, 2015
I think and R system CineEos would be most likely a few years out after the R- still system begins to dominate canon's catalogue. Of course, the sensor blocks/mounts are replaceable on the CineEos line, but once photogs start not being able to use their fancy new R lenses on their video systems, there will be an absolute need for an R mount cine camera. Of course, what is a video camera if not a "mirrorless", so it would benefit in all the same ways in terms of lens design. I don't think the drop in filter thing is that big of a deal unless you're shooting ultrawides. Most cine guys using filters are going to be a proper matte box with large format filters anyway.
Mar 22, 2014
Canon could have a really tempting product update if they put together a C300 MKII replacement with a C700 full frame style sensor with an RF mount. This is especially true if they created some good locking mount adapters for PL and EF. The possibility of including a continuously variable aperture through the third ring on the RF lenses along with DPAF and the possibility of switching between full frame and S35 4K would be pretty tempting.
Good news - there's enough room in the RF mount to fit the C100 internal ND assembly. There would be no point to a cinema RF mount without the ability to get NDs behind native RF lenses. I did some measurements and created the graphic below.

iNTERNAL nds.jpg