Show your Bird Portraits


How about some more free time to take pictures...
Aug 15, 2017
Very nice pictures of the Northern flicker - not a bird we can spot in my country / environment and quite pretty with its colouration and patterns :)(y)
I also like the ruddy duck picture with the reflection in the (shallow?) water; well done!
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"The equipment that matters, is you"
Apr 30, 2017
Well, I choose the magpie: since all others are already favorites to somebody else:D!
Good exposure and all the nuances in the feathers are in display, sharp, detail... I wish it was in portrait orientation (all impotrant things are there: the bird, the few autumn leafs and you still have some branches left there:)). Nice photo (as all others btw and I still stay for the waxwing too!)!
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Jack Douglas
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Well, I have yet to hear others complaining so I guess I'm alone on this. How is it that I'm forever being missed with notifications to this thread. It doesn't seem to happen on the other threads. After skimming through 10 pages, I noticed that I still have the watch indicator so I just unwatched and rewatched right now so we shall see.

Anyway, it's amazing the quality of all the photos in those 10 pages.