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View attachment 182590 American Goldfinch in Texas. A common bird in the winter here. Unfortunately, they are not here when they have their beautiful summer plumage.
I just got this lens today! I already love it.. 5D iv, 100-400L ii, 1.4x iii; ISO 2000, F 10, 1/160; 560 mm (all I got!)
Very good picture, and at ISO 2000 with no noise! My 7DII need to be replace. The 100-400L II lens also is very sharp.

Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Hi Lalumière.
If you want to add the exif info, you can click edit and type it in to the text. If the exif has not been stripped from the shot (Alan’s shots still have it) you can go through a few steps to see it, on my iPad I click the picture which opens it in the viewer then click the box with the arrow pointing out, this opens a new page, then copy the link and paste it in Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer, if the exif is intact you will see the details of the shot, equipment, settings etc.
Unfortunately many must have their export set to strip the exif, including yours? :oops::LOL::LOL: I thought the CR site might have been stripping the exif but Alan’s is definitely there.
Some of the pictures are hosted on Flickr, like Olaf’s and again if the exif is not stripped on upload the exif is all there.

If you want help from Craig (CR Guy) you probably need to ask on the Suggestions / Issues thread, I think this is a thread he regularly monitors, too many threads for him to monitor all of them all the time and I think this one needs watching the least! ;)

Cheers, Graham.
Is there anything NOT included in that viewer!!;)

Mar 14, 2018
Thanks, I figured that but the females I've shot here didn't really match either. These are Alberta birds.

Jack: the adult males are slightly more colorful than the first bird I posted a photo of, but even the males' plumage looks
nothing like the beautiful ones in your photos. This photo is the male in winter plumage, from a few days ago.

Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Mike, in honesty I prefer your bird - send her/him up here in spring. ;) Lovely shot, lovely pastel colours.

It's indeed interesting (shocking) to see the variance. Ours have lots of bright yellow but somehow the overall effect is not 100% pleasing (to me).

Thanks click and others.

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Dec 11, 2014
I've finally gotten around to editing photos I took in the spring. I think I took close to 50,000 last April/May. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I'm able to get a decent amount of shorebird action in the spring and fall! Here are some American Avocets that stopped by for a few hours in early May. 7D mkii / EF600 F4 IS II / 1.4xiii


American Avocet (female) 115.jpg
American Avocet (female) 117.jpg
American Avocet (male) 110.jpg
American Avocet (male) 117.jpg
American Avocet (male) 120.jpg
American Avocet (male) 121.jpg
American Avocet (male) 126.jpg
American Avocet (male) 131.jpg