Show your Bird Portraits


Thinking of a new line... Ow, that hurts
Aug 15, 2017
@AlanF - quite a bunch of excellent shots in the last couple of days(y).

@Valvebounce - in my limited experience with hummingbirds, if you want to 'freeze' the wings you'll need 1/8000 shutter speed or flash lighting - even at the maximum travel there is a lot of movement in the wings as they move in (sort of) figure of 8 trajectory - so the bird can hover stationary. When turning / repositioning, the body moves fast enough that you can get motion blur at 1/1000th... (the shots I took in Suriname (post-730253 and next) were at 1/2000th with still significant motion blur in the wingtips).
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Just curious. Now CR has "likes". We bird pic posters are polite folk so it stands to reason that thank-yous for likes would be in order. However, it's almost a clutter to have posts just saying thanks for "likes". We all like to think that what we post is appreciated and we all appreciate the likes. So, should we be posting thanks for the likes - I'm asking because I'm a bit lazy but more because I would just like to do what everyone would think is fine/correct.

BTW, thanks for the "berry tugging" likes (without giving names).