Sigma 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art Preorders Start On May 11


EOS Rebel T7i
Sep 4, 2012
chrysoberyl said:
BeenThere said:
With tripod macro work the slow focus may not be a big issue and could be more accurate with less possibility of overshoot using a high speed AF motor.
Usually, my macro work is on tripod, but this one was hand-held. This little lens shows promise. My technique is what needs improvement.
Nice shot! You have steady hands to capture this image.
An update: I have used this lens a fair amount and have gotten used to the sloppy MF. I do like the long throw and the AF is dead on with my 5D IV and 80D.

Recently I went back to shooting wildflowers with my Milvus 100 and wondered why the images were not as sharp as usual. I then did a comparison and am surprised that the Sigma is noticeably sharper. I am considering selling the Milvus. I am also wondering when Sigma will offer a 'R' mount conversions.