SMF Photo Gallery is HERE!!

Sep 13, 2014
Okay! I finally found it. It's hidden under the "Forums" menu apparently on the browser version of the site. It was easier to find on my iPhone - I think there was a separate "Media" menu item on top.

BTW, when I uploaded several photos to my media gallery, two of them ended up without thumbnail versions showing up. When I click on them, though, the full resolution version shows up.
Sep 13, 2014
I tried posting using the "Gallery Embed" icon on the menu, but it doesn't seem to want to insert any of my media images that have thumbnails, only the ones that didn't (for unknown reason) generate thumbnails when I imported them. When I try to select my media gallery photos from the pop-up, they won't highlight with a click or double click (only the two without thumbnails allow me to select them with a double click). That was using Internet Explorer version 11. When I switched to Chrome it seems to work on all of them, but there is no option for the thumbnail view.
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Nov 30, 2010
I'm not sure why, but the media tab was not turned on, so I turned it on. That menu may need some tweaking becaused it caused some duplicated entries under the Forums tab. I have not tried adding Media yet!

There is a function in the Forum software for Media Gallery Administrator, if someone is interested, ask CR Guy. The Moderator can setup various albums to sort by different types of content. For now, there are personal catalogs, and one catchall "Examples" bin.