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I deleted the my topic on this forum by mistake :mad: So I'm starting again ;)

Press conference with Andrew Golota
Canon 6D + Canon 300mm 2.8 IS L USM

1 ISO 1600, 1/320, 300mm, 2.8

2 ISO 1600, 1/320, 300mm, 2.8

Impel Wrocław vs Pałac Bydgoszcz
Canon 6D + Canon 300mm 2.8 IS L USM + Canon 100mm 2.0 USM

3 ISO 2500, 1/1000, 300mm, 2.8

4 ISO 2500, 1/1000, 300mm, 2.8

5 ISO 2500, 1/1000, 300mm, 2.8

6 ISO 1000, 1/1000, 100mm, 2.0
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How can you stand out, if you do like evrybdy else
Mar 25, 2014
Swietosc Narodowa prosze pana!
It is absolutely unacceptable that you don't have anything to show us from that game.
First time ever Poland bits Germany in soccer. Even Lato and Zbigniew Boniek couldn't do it, but for Szczesny: no problem.
Macie barzo dobry bramkarz.
Hat off to Szczesny, my opinion the best player of the game.
God luck on your next game Monday!


Sep 27, 2011
Great series! And, captured with the 6D. I read in some other threads some complaing about this camera. I have one and I don't think the AF system is that bad. You prove it isn't. It's all about how to use it.


Jul 21, 2013
Welcome to CR forum Dawid
Very nice pics. I wonder how much did you cropped (if any) your pics from football field using 300mm f2.8? Amazing job with 6D
I like the one taken @ 17mm f4 in basketball arena
Keep up good work
Regards (Pozdrawiam)
Dawid Gaszyński

Thank you for your positive comments.

How AF works in 6D? In my opinion quite well. We must remember that the camera takes only 4.5 frames / sec. The camera catches a few photos, but AF works pretty well.
AF can be configured. This is very important. This option was not in the XXD series. Previously I was using 30D / 50D.

Example :

Slask Wroclaw vs Gornik Leczna

ISO 800-1600, 1/500 - 1/1000 , 300mm 2.8








Example :