There are still surprises in store for the Canon EOS R5 announcement [CR2]


Apr 25, 2011
For those suggesting eye AF(As in the Eos3 film bodies) then I would say don't get your hopes up. Implementing a system that see's where your eye is looking is easy enough with 5 AF points widely spaced but I don't think it would really work with 500
It can be content aware (like, "eye select eye focus").
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Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
Well, the funniest post so far was "I peed a little!" :ROFLMAO:

But seriously, my guesses would be:
* dual gain sensor for higher single shot dynamic range
* software neutral density feature / LiveND / image stacking features
* night sky star focusing & tracking
* pixel shift 4x MP photo
* global shutter
* An unusually high MDot back LCD
* more MP than expected (50MP or more?)
* aperture bracketing (what I crave, but not headline shattering enough?)
* lossless raw compression
* an embedded RF flash controller

I guess we'll find out soon - hopefully it's good enough to "pee a little!" :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
All yoooze guys came out with some great ideas :D, so I'd like to add a couple new lines to my previous suggestions:

* EVF that can track the user eye pupil movement to determine focus point at a moving "+" target on the EVF screen. (oooh, soooo awesome!)
* "Dual aperture bracket": One exposure button press gives you: One photo at wide open aperture immediately followed by a second photo at your chosen aperture, then those are compared to determine depth map & use depth map to blend both images into 1 raw image to get max background blur (from 1st) with bigger sharp depth of field at subject focus (from 2nd). Add option to just store 2 photos for merging in post.
* Combine night star focus/tracking (with IBIS rotation) with multi offset image stacking for verrrrry long night star tracking! - "Weee don't need no stinkin' tracker!"
* A 3rd R release camera: (drum roll please!) : the R5A (or R6A) with a bayer array where the filters are for O3, HAlpha, S2, HAlpha for astro photos in color in a single shot. (combined with multi offset image star tracking above). That'd be one heck of a sensor filter there, hey Vern? o_O

I think that'd be awesome, but as always, we'll see!
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Jul 16, 2012
I'm having trouble thinking of any realistic major feature that can really compare with whats already on offer.

AA filter optional
Preburst like Olympus
Remote AF shooting option. As in takes shot when eye in focus for wildlife.
8 pixel shift for 360MP shots.
Built-in snapchat filters
App store.


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Jan 24, 2017
A couple more ideas....

A pop out umbrella for when shooting Landscapes in the rain. It would pop out similar to how the flash pops up on DSLRs that have it.

A portable tea making machine (I'm English) which fixes to a specially designed L bracket


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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
How about eye AF from the EOS3 reincarnated? The technology ought to have advanced enough in 20 years to make that idea reliable. In any case, 9 days isn't a a long time to wait unless you have nothing to do but wait.
One would think so, but just like Smell-O-Vision, nobody’s been working on it. ;)