Traveling with ProMaster Bag


Jun 11, 2018
thought I would ask this to those with more experience than me - almost everyone here! :)

I have travelled once or twice now with my camera and the square, padded bag with a handle on the outside and a shoulder strap. Either carried or in the car - never checked. Question - is it okay to pack the camera in the bag with the lens attached, lens faced down, body up ? It fits snugly but was wondering due to the weight on it(lens). Its easier to do this and with the 2 telephoto lens and 50mm I have travelled with its the easiest way to get it all in there.

Or is it better to disassemble all the time? The way it now fits in the bag, with the side partitions flaps folded down and the body somewhat resting on them, its not like all the weight is on the lens. None the less, it faces downwards?

Curious on your thoughts? Tks!