Two new EOS R bodies coming in the first half of 2020 [CR3]


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Aug 16, 2012
I'd like to see a real study on this rather than assumptions.

My mind on that test:

1) That would totally look like A Clockwork Orange, or

2) They might just contract a few sideline sports pros to exclusively use an EOS R (or test cam with occasionally changed out test VFs) once a week and ask how it compares.

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I'd like to see a real study on this rather than assumptions. I honestly cannot tell the difference myself. At least not with the R as compared to the 5D III I used to have. It would seem that staring through any viewfinder for extended periods might strain the eyes. Now, the EVF on my Olympus sucks.
While the EVF on the EOS-R is not bad , it’s not even close to what I see in the OVF on my 5D Mark IV or my 1DX.
If you can’t see the difference then what can I say, good for you ! (?)
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Sep 2, 2019
+1. You're presuming the 1DX3 would be outperformed by a high fps mirrorless rig, or more desirable somehow. But Canon might make it small like the A9, the battery life would be wretched for folks leaning on the shutter all day and balance with big lenses could be dreadful.

But yes, if Canon offered identical spec cameras other than one having a mirror and the other not having one, I would want to hear about both cameras on the same day. We're in a period of migration to mirrorless, and for some, the purchase represents a bit of a plunge. Adaptors are great and our EF glass will still work, sure, but a large body investment might be the only major pickup some folks make for a few years -- so they'd like to know what else might be coming in the same feature-set.

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None of these look anywhere close to any rumors. I have a few wants in my next camera. We'll just have to wait until more is known


Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
My mind on that test:

1) That would totally look like A Clockwork Orange, or

2) They might just contract a few sideline sports pros to exclusively use an EOS R (or test cam with occasionally changed out test VFs) once a week and ask how it compares.

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I can see the problem with my Olympus. I am not getting it on my R.
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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
I wanted to feel this way, especially after my good friend CFB went the same route. However my experience was different and I didn't drop the coin. (All physical/hardware/ergonomic based- but that is how I roll) I read all the time of 5D4 shooters on the fence, so I understand the 5D3 move, it's a leap, if it fits.
It was a hard decision, R vs 5D Mark IV. No doubt about that. Glass tipped the scale for me. That and AFMA.


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Oct 18, 2011
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I always love a CR3!

Two new bodies in first half of 2020 has me keen. I own a number of DSLRs (from 350D to 80D) and a M5, and have quite a lot of Canon lenses, including some lovely L glass (and a Sigma UWA).

I am one of those looking to switch to FF mirrorless in the nearish future (within the next few years). Hence my excitement with the CR3 mention of 2 new EOS R (which I take to mean “Canon FF mirrorless / RF mount” camera bodies).

My most regular photography genres include landscape, event, wildlife, some sports and macro. I dabble in other genres too. Photography is a great joy and creative release for me. (I’m a Australian Government business manager / senior analyst by day LOL).

The wants (or “needs”) I have for a EOS R may be different to some others here- but bear with me – because: a) I believe there’s logic to what I’d like and b) there are likely others with identical to similar wants/needs in a new camera body.
  • I would love enough resolution to be able to crop – particularly with quality lenses. 36-60mp is a very wide range, but I’d love something in that range.
  • AF (speed, accuracy, consistency, practical flexibility) is very important to me. I only use MF for certain subjects (e.g. still macros).
  • A frame rate of around 8 would be ok, but 12 would be ideal, and anything higher would be super sweet. (I do realise the trade-off between MP and FPS). Most importantly at whatever max FPS, it needs to have accurate, servo AF and quickly updating AE.
  • Image quality – in terms of dynamic range (DR) and colour science, etc - similar to the 5DIV / 80D sensors would be great. I get a lot of good mileage out of my 80D and M5 (identical sensors in terms of IQ). No banding or other weird IQ issues please.
  • An EVF that’s a step up from the EOS R. My M5 EVF is notably lower quality than the EOS R. (The M5’s EVF has harsh colours and it doesn’t handle a scene with a wide dynamic range well. The EOS R’s is better on both counts, as well as being higher resolution).
  • IBIS would be a wonderful treat, specifically for certain lenses I own that don’t have IS. While I use a tripod for specific photo shooting situations, where I can avoid needing a tripod wherever possible, that’s a bonus.
  • Video is not so important to me, I occasionally take some video (mainly of my toddler daughter doing cute things, e.g. learning to ride a bike, singing songs, etc) – but 95% of my “imagery passion” is still photography.

The recent release of the 90D and M6mkII give me great confidence in what Canon may pull out of the bag (or magic hat!) in terms of new EOS R cameras. Both these new APS-C cameras tick a lot of boxes.
For 2 yet to be released EOS R bodies, I do expect some new features and/or technology that set them at a bar about the M6mkII. The wording in this CR3, of ‘step up a gear’ gives me hope that Canon will do that.

Living here in Australia, I know especially the initial prices will be charged a premium rate, but hopefully in time there will be some good local deals. I have had many good years with Canon gear, and I look forward to it continuing.
In time I also would hope / expect to get RF lenses, a mix of smaller, light, convenient glass – and some speciality lenses, in some part replacing the EF/EF-S lenses that I have and use now. I could see

P..S… Btw, I found the discussion about locations, safety and scenery (particularly those of you in the US) interesting. Makes me appreciate the relative safety of where I live (in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia)… as I never feel like I have to conceal any of my gear wherever I might be, whenever I might take photos, whether at day or night. I have lived in various countries over several years (including west and east Europe) – and certainly in some areas, I would not take expensive gear (or e.g. not park my car in certain areas overnight).

It is an exciting time to be following Canon for their gear, and as we continue in the relatively new world of FF mirrorless, it’ll be all the more enticing as technological advances are implemented and ‘early bugs / early adopter issues’ are ironed out.

Roll on 2020!
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If Canon is planning an EOS R mark ii but the specs didn't match the rumor we can start guessing which parts are right/wrong. So here are my guesses:
-32Mp Sensor: maybe not exactly but around that
-IBIS only in the high res model
-12fps only without af, 8-10 with tracking af
-only SD cards on the R, CFexpress only on the high res model

I should have known that the first rumor was to good to be true, it was more like a whish list.
IBIS in only a high res model does not make much sense imo. That would pretty much kill its sales. We've already got IBISless R and Rp. IBIS and new AF-ON button with new functionality need to standardise in Canon bodies from now on.


Nov 8, 2011
Every fast prime except the 85mm f1.4 IS doesn't have IS, and tripods are not practical for a lot of situations. Stop with this nonsense that IBS is unnecessary. Every feature that can help with taking better photos is helpful.
or allowed!