Two New Lenses Coming From Canon Next Week [CR3]


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Feb 2, 2016
ahsanford said:
Famateur said:
I really like my 70-200 F4 L. It'll be interesting to see what they have in mind to improve upon it with the Mark II. Quieter IS motor is about the only thing I can think of...

Can't wait to see some reviews!
For both, one might expect:

New CPL cutout in the hood
Slightly better IS
Maybe a new tripod ring design?

But as virtually everyone has said thus far: both of these lenses are still outstanding today. Canon will need to pull a rabbit out of the hat to get folks to upgrade.

- A
I Guess the Rabbit will be related to the other post of a new communicationsprotocol, that again is linked to maybe a mirrorless. The quess in another thread is, that the nws protocol will give faster communication between lens and new (mirrorless?) cameras. Mounted on older EOS cameras the protocol will be the same as the one currently in use.