Upcoming rumored cameras


Aug 21, 2018
What do you the Crop sensor camera will be?
Will Canon bring out a yet cheaper FF then the RP?
RP cheaper verison
24 mp
Autofocus like the RP
Digic 8 processor
No 4k
1080p 120fps
Same wieght or size as the RP


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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
The RP, I believe, will be Canon's lowest priced FF camera.
At $1,299, and what it will cost by Christmas, I see no reason for anyone to buy an APS-C camera unless fast frame rates are wanted or if even $1,299 is pushing the cost too much. The RP is very small. Nearly as small as my Micro 4/3 Olympus. So, to me, the best thing that has come out of this mirrorless line is the fact that there is a very inexpensive Canon FF camera now available that stills only shooters like myself can appreciate. Some won't, but it is a very decent FF stills camera for the money. My opinion.

Canon already has APS-C mirrorless cameras available in the M line.
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Sep 8, 2012

Having a good time with my RP.

If and when there is an equivalent (or better) mirrorless on a par with my 5Div, I might go entirely mirrorless. The RP is great for what it is. The R is not yet a replacement for my 5Div.


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Apr 22, 2019
My thoughts:

EOS RP will be available for 999 come Black Friday :love:
Don't think Canon will bring a lower-priced / lower specced FF MILC anytime soon.
I don't expect them to ever bring APS-C sensored R model/s
Next in R series will be a hi-rez EOS "RS" - 5Ds/R replacement, possibly August announcement
Then, just in time for 2020 Tokyo Olympics a duo of 1DX III (DSLR) and EOS "RX-1" -> Sony A9 (II) competitor. They can and will not leave mirrofree FF sports segment to Sony. And there are probably still enough conservative DSLR friends around in that segment to warrant 1DX III, but it will be the "final" DSLR.
Also in 2020 i expect a EOS "R Mk. II" - specced like and instead of a 5D V

next up M5 II - Fuji XT-3 level, but lower price, maybe aggressive 999 body only
possibly also an "M7" - as a "best in class, fast fps APS-C MILC", instead of 7D III
then "M50 II" or similar plus "M110" entry level, since it is Canon, there might be 5 different models, ever so tightly mico-marketing-differentiated, some also available in colors like piglet pink, fake gold, street-snow white and puke-yellow :)