We’ve added a dark theme to canonrumors.com

Aug 1, 2017
The less intense red looks better although it's still not that easy to read. The dark theme now seems to persist even when I'm not logged in. Thanks!


Good or bad - it's not the gear.
Apr 18, 2013
We removed the red and now use our yellow/orange colour. It looks way better for me. Any colour challenged folks, please let me know if this is still an issue.
Thanks. The new link color is much better for me. The new color works well for all three forms of colorblindness in the simulation I use. Some button text (Attach files, Watch, ...) would benefit from the same treatment. Seems it hasn't propagated everywhere yet, some of the links in forum views still appear red (What's New, New Posts). Just noticed the text highlight color is also red. So still some work left on the style sheet, but the direction is quite promising.

Thanks for listening.