Wedding Photographers; when do you get your most inquiries.


Aug 28, 2013
Chicago, IL
I was thinking about throwing some additional advertising dollars at Google and then I wondered if there would be a certain time of year that would be better than others to do so. So I started going through my inbox from last year to see if there was a pattern of when there was an uptick in interest. Obviously, summer is more popular time to get married here in Chicago, but just how far out are those brides/grooms reaching out? I did a screen cap of the past 6 months of e-mails coming in from my wedding photography website.

My list actually seemed pretty consistent - didn't know if anyone else had similar findings?


Nov 18, 2015
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Don't forget to gargle private...
Nov 29, 2014
Santa Cruz, California
The bulk of all mine are booked Nov-March for early spring-summer. Although I just shot 4 in the last month and half...a real rarity but it's never really winter here in California. This year's El Nino will be interesting though as I wonder how far into spring (if it really comes) the rain will be a factor. Might be time to dust off the rain gear for everything ;)