Wedding Website


Dec 26, 2011
Looking good! Couple thoughts... you only get about five clicks - if someone isn't hooked on your work by then they are gone. Also, suggest you provide some hint at pricing, maybe nothing specific: "many weddings start at $XXXX." Most potential clients want to know if you are within their budget before they contact you. They don't want the embarrassment of contacting a celeb photog who wants $25K to start when their budget is only $3K.

Is your business model to make money on shooting the event or selling prints? I.e. big up front charge with reasonable, package print cost and/or DVD of jpg's versus modest fixed charge with expensive prints and no DVD.

What are your typical deliverables? Engagement shoot, wedding album, slide show, any video clips, DVD, individual prints, etc. Show potential clients what you can deliver.

Just my suggestions that may help you grow your business.
Nice website - I did find it a little bit slow? might be worth checking it on Google page speed - as the speed does count towards rankings according to SEO experts.

I have recently being battling the fine balance - image optimisation, caching and minfying of code etc. my website:

Does your CMS platform allow plug-ins of sort for optimisation? might be worth checking it out?



Mar 11, 2019
Just signed up to Canon Rumors and as a wedding photographer this had to be my first stop!!
I know this thread is pretty old now, but has anyone any other comments regarding "Squarespace"?
I am looking to move / improve my website ( to a more modern platform and would love to hear peoples thoughts in this regard?

Thank you all in anticipation!!