Weird lens behavior


Sep 17, 2012
I have a friend who has a 60D with a kit lens (18-135, I think) and she is having an odd problem. We both take photos of high school sports. In the last few days, her camera has exhibited an odd behavior. Through the viewfinder, the image jerks in random directions two or three times before focusing. My gut feeling is that this is a lens problem, but I want to get some expert (for Canon Rumors level of expert) advice before recommending using the lens for skeet shooting practice.

Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
Aug 9, 2018
Looks like a lens-group has gone loose, maybe the focusing group, or perhaps the IS (stabilising) element.


Dec 20, 2012
Southeastern USA
If the lens has a switch for Image Stabilization, then try taking shots with IS off. If that fixes it, you've narrowed it down. Only she can decide whether using the lens without IS works for her in sports and other situations.

If the jerking continues with IS turned off, does she have another lens to try on this before taking further action? Just to make sure it's the lens?

If the problem is the lens, time to compare the cost of getting a kit lens fixed to spending for a new, better quality lens. Some good deals this time of year.

Let us know! Good luck!