What lenses are coming next for the Canon RF mount?


Dec 25, 2012

Don't forget Canon is a conservative brand, for lots of reasons, but one of them is that they serve as well a lot of working pros. Contrary to a popular belief, a lot of pros don't upgrade all the time with the latest and the best gimmicks all the time. They use what they have as far as it does the job, for money reasons, but also for ergonomics (muscle memory), habits and the fact that most of us need to know their equipment very well to make the best out of it and know its limits.

I just saw a 6 month old reportage where a fashion photographer was shooting a whole collection of swimsuits for a very fancy brand in St Barth, with a.... 5D3 and 24-70 f2.8 v1; that's the reality of pro equipment for a lot of people.

Lots of pros don't upgrade because they don't need to when their tools are good enough. So the TS-E line being part of the tools Canon designed for pros, I think it's unlikely they'll want to make them RF only any time soon, when EF TS-Es work exactly the same on both mounts. Yes we could see some optical improvements with short RF TS lenses (I guess we could call them TS-R), but what I am saying is that in real life for most pros, it will be more of a problem than a solution until the whole market has switched to mirroless.

The simple fact that I can finally use a convenient pol filter through the RS-EF adapter is a much bigger improvement than a slightly upgraded optical formula. Will my client notice a 10% increase in sharpness ? Absolutely not; but he will prefer 10 times that wood floor without glare and with better colors due to the pol filter.
This is precisely why I am still using the 70-200 L IS v1 and the non L 100 macro. The business will not realize a bump in revenue because my long zoom is now v2 or that the 100 macro now has IS.
I DID buy the R because of its very real AF advantage for portraiture and event work. Tripod mounted architectural work will look the same on my DSLRs though I do love the tilt screen.

So despite the murmur of disapproval for the R I have found real and compelling business decisions to acquire use and profit from it. I am looking forward to the more ambitious models in the future but in reality the R really does not leave me in the lurch in any meaningful way.