Why WOULD Canon make another SLR/DSLR now?

Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
So the "R" is the low end Canon mirrorless FF ILC..... For $4,400 I can pick one up today with the 24-105 lens.

There are a lot of people (in fact, the vast majority of people) who are never going to spend even half of that on a camera. These people are what makes Canon profitable and keeps the lights shining on the factory floor and pay for the research. Canon will continue to make cameras for them.
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Nov 19, 2018
Why did Roger find manual alignment screws for the sensor plate in the EOS R? Because alignment to the mount plane is critical.

Noticed it too. Was surprised as to why. Maybe those screws are just there to be able to re-align sensor if/after camera has taken some mechanical impact/fall shock in field use? With a properly set up automated manufactuiring process, thuing should be perfectly aligned upon leaving the plant.

Also: aligning sensor perpendicular to optical axis in a MILC is an easy task compared to also having to align detached Phase-AF sensor with light reaching it via slapping mirror/submirror assembly in a (D)SLR. Still a massive advantage for MILCs.


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Feb 16, 2017
Vancouver, BC
I understand the rest of your reasons, thanks, but this one seems odd. They'll keep making SLRs because they made SLRs? The same thing was true for film cameras and large-format. The R has been out less than a month so clearly the installed base of SLRs is higher, but apparently its Canon's top-selling full-frame camera in Japan.
It's important to recognize that full frame camera bodies are only a small piece of the ILC market, with the lion's share being smaller sensor devices like APSC.

Putting that aside, Canon will make devices that people buy. If people still wanted to buy manual wind film cameras, Canon would make them. Your real question should be, therefore, "Why do people still want to buy DSLRs?"

The reasons are numerous and littered all over these forums and the Internet, but I would simply suggest that you recognize that not everyone has the same priorities as you, and that although mirrorless no doubt has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Clearly, it isn't better than DSLR in every way and for every task.

For myself, owning an R, 6DII and 80D, I rarely reach for my R for most photography tasks.