Would like some help getting VLC to work with 7D or a free alternative that does?


Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Folks.
Some of you have already been helping on another thread but as this is now a software question I have brought it here.

I’m trying to join some *.mov files from my 7D, into a continuous file, I tried VLC which was recommended to me, is anyone using it for 7D files, anyone using another free alternative as VLC does not seem to work for me. I can view the files in Windows Media Player and QuickTime.
I have QuickTime for making time lapse movies but I have no idea if it can join *.mov files?

This is currently a concept for a video which will never be for mass consumption, just for my pleasure and I might share with a select few so I’m not looking to spend for software if I can muddle through with free! I will be joining files straight from camera, I will not be grading or matching or anything else, the most I might do is shorten segments that have no action for more than 10 seconds or so.

Cheers, Graham.


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Jan 29, 2011
For Apple users there is the very full featured and free iMovie. Doesn't the Windows program Photo Viewer have Story Remix in it that can edit video files?


Sep 14, 2012
.MOV files, like TIFFs, are container files. The video/audio tracks inside could use different encodings. The 7D should use H.264.

Try this tip to force H.264 demuxer in VLC,:

Once Windows came with Movie Maker that had no problem to read and edit my 5DIII files - in Windows 10 the Photos app allows for some video editing as well (despite the name) - but it's been simplified even if Movie Maker was already basic enough.

Then there are around different video editing applications - from free ones (but read well the license to understand how you are actually paying for it), to cheap to expensive: