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EOS R vs EOS 5DSR Resolution
Hello, my question is why are the relative raw files sizes of the R and 5DS-R so close. The R produces files from high 30's all the way up to 65mb. The S-R produces files nearly the same but up to 70mb. Is it merely the amount of black/white in photos? Curious for some responses.
Thanks for the report. We take all of them seriously.

We cannot read private conversations, what did he ask?

I tried to check him out yesterday before approving him for a member, he is from Slovenia and that's a different culture. Its also possible being new that he doesn't have a clue as to how to proceed and is reaching out to someone for help. There were no flags on his email or IP, but some bad ones slip thru. That user name caught my eye, so I remember checking carefully as possible.

I'd like to have as much information as possible before taking action or banning him.
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Innocent request for info about a lens AF issue. I'm overreacting, likely. I'll just go with "Ignore." Thank you!