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    Automatic 360 Pano head

    There's a number of options. First off though you need a wider lens - unless you're planning on showing gigapixel images (no one will look). Next, you want a fully automated head. - Gigapan Epic - - Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt -...
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    Build quality issues with Lexar SD cards?

    You and I may be SOL for now - this hasn't been resolved as far as I can tell: Their return for USA customers is an email link - not sure what their actual ability is at this time.
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    Computer Advice

    I've dealt with this a few times - the computer makers really didn't do anyone any favors with these SSD + HDD systems. Windows 7 or 10? SSD's make everything faster, especially if you're loading a program to work on files stored on the SSD. There are differences between the M.2 SATA drives...
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    Monitor Calibration: What's your recommendation?

    If you want to rent and play with one before deciding if you need to own one..
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    Personal cloud vs raid array?

    Here's the article that cayenne is referencing about disks - Backblaze has great information as to hard drive reliability, and shows that no matter how much you spend on a drive, you're only buying more performance or a longer...
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    Personal cloud vs raid array?

    Costco normally has 5-6tb disks for $90-$120 Here's a way to think about it - let's say you went with the plan and got 1 4tb drive for 'primary photos' and 2 6tb drives for 'backups'. To 'grow' your primary photo space, do a backup to one of the 6tb drives. Next format the other 6tb backup...
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    Personal cloud vs raid array?

    Let's slice this into a few different components of discussion. As it looks you've got a 3tb of disk space between two old drives, how much of that is backup of one drive onto the other? How big are your 'photos' directories? I'm going to start by saying a NAS is going to be a bad deal for...
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    NAS storage advice

    I'm sorry to reply so late to this thread, haven't been as active on CR in a while. I'm actually going to recommend against a NAS. You've got 2tb of data, which is personally important, but not of a size that is that significant. +100 on the USB3 card for your current computer - it'll make...
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    Lee Filters and Filter Holder Protection

    How many filters are you looking to hold and of what size? Take a look at the NiSi kits that include a hard case, or something similar. Also, check out 2Filter - their selection and knowledge is huge.
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    Do I Just Need to Suck it up With the 300 2.8 II?

    The 300/4 is a great lens, but doesn't offer the flexibility of a zoom, plus it's design & IS is much older than the 70-200 mkII. What other lenses are you shooting with? The 135L will take both teleconverters really well, and give you some flexibility with minimal investment. You haven't...
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    Do I Just Need to Suck it up With the 300 2.8 II?

    What body are you working with? What other glass are you working with? I know it sucks to think about, but really, a f2.8 is only 1 stop brighter, and we're getting much better ISO performance with the latest bodies. The 300/2.8 is a great lens, but do you actually need the weight and size...
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    Filter System for EF-S 10-18

    You're working from the wrong direction. Start out with defining what filters you want to use, then add in the lenses you want to support and at the cross road pick a filter system that can work with everything. If you go filter system first, you'll find there are some trade offs and have to...
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    Patent: Fingerprint ID on Your Cameras and Lenses

    I'd love to be the first person to explain to an art director that my camera is locked and I can't take photos since it's attached to my assistant's fingerprint, who isn't on set. Yea, poor Roger & LR folks, they'd need a magic reset'er for use because you know that a firmware reset to defaults...
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    Back up software and hardware...

    Hey Mikehit, So, 1tb of data, plus some other fun stuff. I would recommend against the 2x6tb as a backup on the same disk only covers for accidental deletion, not hardware failure, corruption or other bits. If the USB3 is PCIe you'll get full speed out of that. So now you're on to maybe a...
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    Back up software and hardware...

    How much storage are you dealing with? 2tb, 5tb, ??? What are you looking at for a budget? First thing, find a way to get USB3 into your systems. USB2 is the biggest thing slowing things down. A NAS is faster, when using gigabit networking. Only the latest powerline options would be viable...
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    Motorized time-lapse slider - Rookie needs information

    They Syrp Genie stuff is fun, and you can step into it. Two things: - Genie Mini's need to pair to your phone, and require their app to be open and running the entire time - switch apps, lock the screen or walk away & everything stops. My understanding is that the full size Genie can receive...
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    Renting a lens for the Holidays -- need answer today!

    EF 11-24 if you never have EF 16-35/f2.8 III if you want to be wide, but not too wide Sigma 24-35 f2 if you want to go off-brand
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    Image stabilization and video

    Congrats on the grandson, is he your first grandchild? How old will he be this holiday? Getting low is going to be key, how is your mobility holding the camera 1' off the ground? So the biggest issue you may not think of is that the 5D3 doesn't have the same level of video autofocus as the...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless to use Dedicated Sensor [CR2]

    'New Sensor' as in Microlenses or really thick sensor glass to compensate for the flange focal distance on EF lenses?
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    Canon Patent: New Rear Screen Concept for DSLRs

    So for me, I'd put the dial & joystick on the back side of the screen - that way you can be casual photog with giant touch screen or sports tog with mini/no screen & hard controls. As to turning the screen with a flash on, you only need to extend to 90deg, then rotate & close.