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    Bird ID Needed

    I'm helping my wife prepare her photo album for a trip to Africa. Knowing there are lots of avid birders on this site, can someone identify this bird taken on the Nile in Uganda. It looks like some kind of cormorant to me, but I can't find any good matches on the internet.
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    Camera not recognized by Canon Utilities

    After upgrading to latest Canon Utilities software my 5DIV and M5 are "not recognized" so I can't use the program to download images or control the camera. Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution? I'm using a wired connection exactly as I have used in the past. I have not tried...
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    DAT file on M5 video error

    I was using an M5 to video some speeches at a wedding a few weeks ago and after a few minutes the camera screen brought up an error message which I don't remember exactly, but I think it said something about having to restart. I turned the camera off and back on and I could video again and it...
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    Loading DCP file into Photoshop CC

    I have created an IR Camera profile using DNG Profile editor (DCP file), but I cannot figure out how to load it into Photoshop CC. Internet searches indicate I need move the DCP file into C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles but my C: drive doesn't have a tree...
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    Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Incompatible with M5

    Does anyone know of a fix for the YN-E3-RT not working on the M5? It won't fire the compatible flash (it will by firing the test button, but not the shutter). I've searched the web and this was a known issue some time ago. I searched Yongnuo's USA website and it shows a firmware link for the...
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    Photoshop brush / Wacom tablet problem

    I am using Photoshop 2019 CC, Wacom Intuos Pro M and Windows 10 (Windows 10 updates are run whenever offered). I have taken a Google road map and loaded it into Photoshop. I am using the brush tool to draw lines on the roads tracing my trip route. When I use the mouse I have no problem...
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    Mounting Photos to MDF

    Looking for advice about permanently mounting photos to MDF (medium density fiberboard). Costco Photo will do 12"X36" for about CAD45, which is reasonable, but they can't go much longer than 36". I have one panorama that is 12"X96" I'd like to mount (got a quote from a framing shop for...
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    Problems from focus, depth of field or high ISO?

    I just bought a 5DIV and took it out to test tracking ability. I'm attaching 3 images all taken with 100-400 II. I'm not sure whether my problems with lack of sharpness as well as muddiness in the wings are from poor focus, lack of sufficient depth of field, effects of high ISO or a...
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    Intervalometer for M5

    I bought the M5. When reading the manual I was surprised to find that Canon doesn't seem to offer an intervalometer accessory for it. Does anyone have an intervalometer solution for the camera? I've seen a reference to someone using a Neewer intervalometer (available on Amazon) but it I...
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    M5/M6 and EF-M Lens Questions

    I'm debating buying either the M5 or M6 with 18-150, 11-22 and possibly 22 prime (the 28 macro comes as a bonus), and 270EXII for an upcoming trip to Iceland and Ireland, rather than taking the 5DIII with 24-105, 16-35F4 and 600EX-RT, but have a few questions. For the M5 users, do you find the...
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    Lens Support Rig for Big Whites

    Does anyone use a lens support rig for their big white lens? If so, have you found it to make a significant (positive) difference over just attaching the lens to the gimbal using the lens foot? An example of what I mean is on the following website...
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    Upgrade to Sypder 5 Elite?

    There is currently an offer in Canada to upgrade any colour calibrator to a Spyder5Elite for CAD199.99. I currently own a Spyder4Elite. Are there any significant advantages to the Spyder5Elite over the Spyder4Elite to justify the upgrade cost?
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    Gear for August Eclipse

    I'll be going to Oregon to view the solar eclipse in August. Initially I was planning on taking 5D Mark III with 100-400L II and 1.4 & 2.0 III Extenders, G3X and G1X (IR Modified). I will need to take 3 tripods and will use a gimbal with the 5DIII and ball heads with the others. Naturally I...
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    DPAF for Macro

    I have a 5D III and EF100 f2.8L Macro IS lens. I find (as most people probably do) that autofocus becomes less accurate the closer I get to minimum focus distance. Does DPAF give more accurate results than normal AF at close distances?
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    180mm Macro Lenses - Canon vs. Sigma

    I'm looking to buy a 180mm macro lens and would like to hear comments from anyone with experience with both the Canon and Sigma versions regarding relative performance and picture quality. The reviews for the Sigma appear to be generally positive and it is a much newer design, but probably...
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    600EX-RT as Macro Lights

    I'm trying to decide which lighting option to use for photography with an MP-E65 lens. I was contemplating buying an MT-24EX, but I think it was released in 2010 and may get refreshed soon. I already have a few 600EX-RTs (and ST-E3-RT). I would have to buy 2 macro brackets (Wimberley F-2 ??)...
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    Focus Rails

    I recently acquired a Cognisys StackShot macro rail and am thinking I should get another manual focus rail to mount it on (at 90 degrees) to allow for lateral adjustments. However, I'm concerned about loss of rigidity in the system (i.e., Camera/Lens mounted on Cognisys, mounted at a right...
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    Tilt Shift Lens questions

    I am thinking of buying a tilt shift lens; probably the TS-E 24mm F3.5L II. Although most user reviews on B&H are very positive, there are a few that mention problems with fringing, cheap locking knobs that jam, and easy access for dust. I'd appreciate receiving any comments on these potential...
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    G1X conversion to infrared

    I'm thinking of sending my G1X to LifePixel for conversion to IR; either Standard or Enhanced. I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has had this done giving details of their experience with LifePixel and how well the camera works with the conversion (i.e., focus accuracy across the zoom...
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    Hyperfocal Distance

    Do any Canon cameras (or any other manufacturers' cameras for that matter) have an option to provide the user with the hyperfocal distance for the camera's current lens focal length and F-stop settings? I would find this to be a useful function, and even better if the camera could, on operator...