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    Will Tamron and Sigma start producing lenses for Canon RF mount?

    Actually, adding messages not in the base EF protocol wouldn't necessarily take extra pins to support. The existing pins can always be used SOMEHOW to smuggle out extra info if you need.
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    Patent: Canon stereoscopic lens for the RF mount

    Those are ALL telephoto applications. The lens in question is designed for normal angles, and my comment was needing a normal baseline was about normal angle lenses, like the one we'ere talking about. This isn't binoculars, clearly.
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    Patent: Canon RF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM

    There were two 24-105/4LIS lenses. The RF24-105 is excellent. I'm used to shooting a 15-lens EF system but I'm just happy with the RF24-105 any more. It's sharp enough I don't seem to need to switch to a prime to be sharper. The camera's high-enough ISO I don't need a special lens just for...
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    Patent: Canon stereoscopic lens for the RF mount

    I don't know why my takeaway seems different from many others here. This is clear to me to be a VR lens. Therefore the two input lenses have to be a distance apart of two normal eyes, not wider. The two lenses will have the same angle of view, and should have as near as possible all other...
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    Patent: Canon stereoscopic lens for the RF mount

    I would guess each lens casts a small image circle, so you have two 90-degree fisheyes in your one 45MP exposure.
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    Patent: Canon stereoscopic lens for the RF mount

    baseline would be far wider than human's eyes and thust not realistic. I imagine these two lenses are an average eye distance apart.
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    RF Mount APS-C camera coming second half of 2021 [CR2]

    I think it wouldn't be much of a chore to do so. Several of the early EF lenses were just re-barrelled FD lenses I believe. OTOH the same argument means that going forward they can engineer and produce one set of optics, and sell it in two housings, for twice the apparent number of products...
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    More Canon announcements coming in 2020

    Am I the only one who finds it the height of irony that a company that makes five different tilt/shift lenses has their HQ photographed with such geometric distortion?
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    A Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro gets a mention [CR1]

    Like I said--compactness. The answer to your question is in the post you're responding to. I always had the flagship EOS 1N, 1V, 1Ds 1DsMkII, MkIII... lots of lenses couldn't resolve at their pixel counts or even film resolution--the 1.4, 1.0, and 1.2 sure couldn't--but I was happy to use them...
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    A Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro gets a mention [CR1]

    BTW I found that appealing when I heard of it, though I've also used macros with closeup lenses, extension tubes, and teleconverters. You can get closer than 1:1 when you need to.
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    A Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro gets a mention [CR1]

    I haven't heard of a single EF lens not performing identically on R. I had about 15 EF lenses when I first got my R and never notice any image quality issue or slow autofocus etc. The EF's I still want to keep shooting on my R are the 135/2, 180/3.5 and 600/4IS. These three stand out because...
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    Patent: Some very strange full frame lenses

    a problem is you don't want the security camera to be so valuable that people just come in to steal the camera
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    Patent: Some very strange full frame lenses

    To be clear I'm talking about some old SLR lenses that required you to lock up the mirror before use. They came with an external viewfinder you put on the hotshoe. IIRC all the main brands made such a 21mm maybe late 60s/early 70s.
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    Patent: Some very strange full frame lenses

    Setting aside the 0.00mm model, these could theoretically be mounted on the R. I suppose some current RF lenses already extend quite a ways into the camera. I had the Contax G2 in the 90s, and its 16/8 lens was almost entirely inside the camera. In the early 70s I think all the big companies...
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    DPReview: Canon EOS R5 and R6 overheating claims tested: cameras work as promised – but that’s not enough

    OK, man, just stay at home and we'll pay you anyway. Just tell us where to send the checks! Seriously though, I'm not a wedding photog. (The only pro work I did was a little stock in the 90s.) But I shot weddings for friends/family with two bodies, with 24-70 and 70-200, or with 24-105IS and...
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    Gordan Laing Review: The Canon EOS R5 for photography

    In other words about 12 stopas at 50/100, and 10.6 at 400. Another way to put it, at least for us R owners, is, basically the same as R except a stop or two better at 125 and below, and 400-640. Though those are admittedly excellent speeds to have a couple extra stops
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    Review: Canon EOS R6 by DPReview

    How does the R5 video strike people who know? For instance can you say it looks better than camera X because of Y?
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    Review: Canon EOS R6 by DPReview

    the most compelling reason for 8k now this year 2020 that I've heard.
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    A Canon RF 70-135mm f/2L USM gets a mention [CR1]

    Large front elements can reduce mechanical vignetting though. You make it sound like they're doing a bad job but it doesn't necessarily follow. Despite how big the RF50/1.2 is, for instance, the corners are very dark wide-open and the bokeh of out-of-focus point highlights aren't circles...
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    Here are more specifications for the Canon EOS R5

    Canon actually has a patent for a sensor that can do built-in ND. It doesn't sound appreciably bigger than standard sensors. It can also do nearly double dynamic range and get rid of rolling shutter.