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  1. K-amps

    Anything shot with the EOS 80D

    I continue to like this purchase. Nice details and file latitude. Here is a shot of the Costa Rican Ahinga of the Arsenal region. Aka Snake-Bird along the Rio Frigo Shot from a Moving boat as the Bird groomed itself along the shore Foliage. 1/250th F/5, iso800 on a Canon 80D mounted with the...
  2. K-amps

    80D Heavy AA filter?

    I have been wanting to get a nice Canon APS-C sensor to go with my 100-400mm for Casual Birding. I waited for an improvement in sensor tech, and I think we are there. There is a lot to like about the 80D. However, for Birding a sharp output is desired. Looking at the footage and comparison of...
  3. K-amps

    Most OOF Blur Lens

    For a given frame; which Canon lens would give most Out of focus blur? Would 200/F2 be more than 85/1.2? Would 600/4 be more than 200/2? Is there a calculator to calculate this? DoF master can do the DoF, but has no place to enter frame dimensions.
  4. K-amps

    C300mk.ii 15 stop of DR using similar concept as Arri Alexis ? / Dual_iso?

    Seems like in absence of exmor type on die AD's, other manufacturers are using something similar in concept to the Dual_iso that ML has. i.e. use 2 different gain paths, one low sensitivity, one high sensitivity, then combining both signals thereby enhancing DR. I was just looking at the Alexis...
  5. K-amps

    Did Canon just take care of Yungnuo? April fools.

    This has to be an April fools Joke? Canon it seems just bought out Yungnuo based on this story: And were they working on a Juicy 135mm f1.2 ? :P
  6. K-amps

    Why not 16 bit files?

    I do not claim to be as technically savvy , but the question hounds me, why does Canon not start using 16 bit files rather than 14 bit, why this 14 bit brickwall? Color depth, DR can certainly benefit from doing this. I accept that there will be an increase in file size, but many would happily...
  7. K-amps

    Adobe Lightroom 5 availibilty

    Is LR5 even available as a standalone anymore?
  8. K-amps

    Features on the iphone 6+

    Nice to see cross pollination of technologies by different manufacturers: The iphone 6+ has: BSI sensor Optical Stabilization Phase detect AF on sensor 1080p 120 and 240fps ! Helps the consumer with choices, and pressures all manufacturers to up their game (just as Samsung is lighting a fire...
  9. K-amps

    How do reds come out in your 5d3 ?

    I have often struggled with red objects in my 5d3. I wrote last year about it but did not get any replies. Yesterday while trying out my new 85 1.2 ii, I saw the same issue. Red flowers come out in an over saturated red haze. The other colors seem saturated just fine, but the reds are over...
  10. K-amps

    Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art

    I didn't find a thread for this unloved lens, so I started one: All shots downloaded form facebook since I don't have access to originals right now, so they were heavily compressed....
  11. K-amps

    Anyone use Swarovski spotters for Bird shots?

    A Guy I work with is into Bird Photography. Since we are all challenged by distances, he mentioned that if I was willing to go manual, that this might be an option: It might be a bit pricey, but if it can do decent 1700mm equivalent shots...
  12. K-amps

    Ideas for a new Tripod

    I had a Manfrotto 055PROB which I loved except for it's weight... it was too heavy to strap to a back pack and hike around. Now I am I would like something between 2-3lbs Can collapse to 6 " from ground for macro (no 12" center columns) Can support 10lbs (My biggest lens is the 70-200 mk.II)...
  13. K-amps

    What price to pay for a used 500mm F4?

    Is the version 1 sharp? What should I pay, one has showed up in a local CL for $2500 with the casing.
  14. K-amps

    AFMA'ed the 24-70 mk.ii ... not sure I am loving this copy.

    I just AFMA'ed my 24-70ii the third time (i.e. Each time fine tuning both tele and Wide till I nailed both). +5 on the Wide and +6 on Tele with my 5d3. The Issue I have is, the sharpness at 24mm has a lot to be desired... 70mm is fine I guess, but I had higher hopes for a $2300 lens... is this...
  15. K-amps

    @ 70mm FoV on the new 24-70 mk.ii very different than 70-200 mk.ii

    My Camera Shop called me and 30 days after I put in a Pre-order, I got my 24-70L ii :) My first shot was to compare sharpness with my 70-200 mk.ii. While the 70-200 does seem sharper (it's been AFMA's but not the 24-70 so I can let that slide... however with a test shot with both at 70mm, I...
  16. K-amps

    Poll: What NR do you use

    Just wondering what NR people prefer to use. I have CS5 but I like Nik Denoise in paralell with Topaz Denoise. I used to use LR NR and before that CS NR, but not anymore. What do you guys prefer and why? Votes are changeable: Let me know if there are other software you guys use. I can add as...
  17. K-amps

    Pls Advise on testing a 7D on CL

    There's a local seller who is selling a 7D with kit lens 28-135mm. He has no papaer work/ no box etc, just the strap / 1 CF card and lens covers. He says it is pristine condition and 2 years old. He is asking $1100. How much should I offer and what should I test it for if the deal goes through..
  18. K-amps

    85mm f/1.2 ii or 135mm f/2

    Sorry if this topic has been covered before ;) , but If I were to add a nice portrait lens to my collection of zooms, which one should I consider and why? Some of the things I would like you guys to factor in are: Buying used, resale value, is the 85mm worth 2x the price of a 135mm etc thanks!
  19. K-amps

    What lens(es) should I consider for next purchase?

    I know it depends on what kind of photography I do... but I am open to and like to explore new areas. I just sold my 100-400L since it did not give me a whole lot more reach/ sharp images as can my 70-200mk.ii with a 2x mk.iii, I would like some reach but the good lenses are very pricey. I like...
  20. K-amps

    Lens correction profiles for Canon on CS5

    I just installed Photoshop CS5 and went to the lens correction filter. In order to auto correct, on has to choose the Camera maker and then the lens model... however in my case, I find 6-7 Camera makers listed but no Canon. I mean Nikon is there, Samsung is there, even Apple.... but no Canon...