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    Using the canon R and the BG-E22 vertical grip VERTICALLY with touch-drag

    Hey gang, Just picked up the BG-E22 battery grip to mainly provide extra battery power for when you shoot with Wi-Fi transfer on. Secondly to help with the 70-200 balance and vertical shooting. Regarding touch drag, I had it mapped to the top right quadrant when I shot before the grip. Heres...
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    EOS R @ HD 24fps 1/50 sec shutter HDMI out canon log Ninja 2

    Hey gang. Typed in all the buzz words relative to this. Have an old Ninja 2 I used to use on an 5D3 (ah..2014.. the memories). Just shot video for the first time on the eos R last night with just the internal video. I know the ninja V is being paired with the R for HDMO out b/c of the 4K...
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    F2 135mm prime tapping out in AF in dark room?

    Hey gang, I usually shoot the R (and previously the 5D3) at a local bar with musicians, iso 800-1600, f4 shutter 160 with a F2.8 24-70 MK2. Rarely have AF lock issues. Swapped it out with a faster F2 135 for a few shots, switching to F2 for DOF. Same location and subject as my f2.8 24-72. The...
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    canon st-e3 rt and speed light 600 basic flash compensation question

    Hey gang, sorry for the basic noob-sounding question. Had a flash compensation brain fail so I figure let me hit up the group: I shoot new Canon R (Formally on 5d3) with the remote canon st-e3-rt controlling 5 canon 600 EX-RT mark1 speedlights. Camera is on manual, F4, 160 shutter, iso 800...
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    why is the 22mm so backordered?

    Hey gang, just outta curiosity. I already have one. But why is the 22mm so back ordered and not even offered as a kit anymore? Thanks!
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    Found a new workflow with the M3 as far as magnify with manual lenses...

    Hey Gang, one of my bigger complaints from the M3 was that in manual focus, if I had magnify and then focus, to get out of magnify, It seemed Id have to hit the magnify button two more times for it to go from 5x to 10X then to 1x... And when using the EVF, I'd have to hold the camera two handed...
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    Eos-m3 tethered shooting with lightroom 6 not working.

    Hey gang, I just tried connecting the M3 to lightroom6 via a 10.9 2008 mac pro and a 2011 macbook pro with yosemite. it keeps connecting/disconnecting and camera locks up and can't shoot. Any ideas?
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    OK, lets get down to the nitty gritty question everyone has with the Eos-M3....

    ...Do you shoot strapless or not!?!?!! ::) I'm serious!!! I find the strap can be sometimes cumbersome hen the camera is down... I'm thinking maybe going risqué wrist strap? What do you guys think?
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    German company Walimex supposedly making a slew of native M mounted lenses.

    Hey Gang, There I was, wandering the internet all alone like, and I came upon this: Anyone here read german?
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    Eos-M2 available now in the USA!

    Canon USA announces that the EOS-M2 will be available in the US starting in May. LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., April 1, 2014 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. has announced the availability of the EOS-M2 to the US market now that inventory has been cleared of its predecessor the EOS-M. According to Sakuichi...
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    what kind of warrenty comes with canon if purchased at canada's Vistek store

    Hey gang, I noticed a great price on the canon speedlite 600RT at the Canadian Vistek store Shipping to the US is without any border fees. So my question is, what kind of warranty do you get? I know folks got the EOS-M and lenses from vistek. I wonder what warranty they got. Thanks!
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    Eos-m brochures

    Figure I start a collection going: Europe: horizontal: Vertical (best for computer viewing)
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    8GB eyefi pro X card failing on wired transfers...

    Hey gang.. I was using my one year old eyefi card in the M for starters. I rarely transfered off the card when I used it on the 5D, it was only for wireless transfers. I've had the card error out the 5D at times, but not fail at transferring data. This pertains to a movie file shot on the...
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    Some Tom bihn bags that may fit the M:

    I'm a fan of Tom bihn bags because they are well made here in the USA. Some that might fit: This is a doggie treat bag, but it looks like it may fit our camera with a wrist strap. Or at least as a lens swap bag: He also has these...
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    Zoom to focus feature on EOS-M

    Hey gang, I hear people hear mention a zoom to focus feature on the M, but I have yet to find it. Any suggestions? Btw, since I shoot RAW, I set the picture mode to max sharpness to help with focus. A sort of poor man's focus peaking. :'(