1Dx III: Dust Magnet Issue Fixed?


Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
One of the most frustrating things about the 1Dx II for me was that it was a terrible dust magnet in my experience (I know others disagreed and I'm not really interested in debating the point, suffice if to say that I was not alone in this).

It was so bad that I pretty much avoided using the 1Dx II for anything that had a lot of sky in the image (birds in flight and scenery for example) and used it almost exclusively for sports where it was never a problem.

So last week, my wife and I went to Indiana to shoot Sandhill Cranes. I took the 1DX III because with sports being pretty much cancelled these days, I'm trying to get as much use and experience with the III as I can. While processing the photos I realized that "Hey, I'm not seeing dust spots in the sky!"

Since Canon never admitted they had a problem with dust, I doubt if they wanted to highlight the improvement with the 1Dx III, but it seems to me, with just limited opportunities to use it, that the dust magnet issues may be much less than they were with the I and the II. Curious if anyone else with the III is noticing this as well.

Birds_Cranes_Indiana-AI9I1012-1.jpg Birds_Cranes_Indiana-AI9I9204-1.jpg