1DX3 vs R5 Video


CR Pro
Apr 16, 2016
North Carolina
I go over some of the differences similarities and how they fit into my style of shooting. It is a bit too long, but I am giving away some stuff. I am giving away a Wacom tablet, the basic one, an Olympus Tough Camera and I decided to add a Canon 400 f5.6 at 1000 subs if I live that long.

A year ago I did not care a wit about video, and now I am really addicted to trying to learn. It is a steep curve. I blame the 1DX3 for the addiction. I thought I could grow the channel and get some stuff out in the hands of someone who can use it. Going forward there will not be many reviews. It will be mostly focused on wildlife video, and documenting a particular place I find interesting. I have a channel trailer that gives an overview. The link below is the 1dx / r5 video. Thanks for any views and if you are interested in any of the items sub and comment.