80D vs 6D ownership now over 2+ years


Dec 19, 2012
Napoli, Italy
I upgraded from a T2i to a 6D over 2 years ago, and i'm still not sure i would do that again. Yes, 80D and the 6D weigh about the same, but the EF-S lenses are WAY lighter and cheaper than their EF counterparts. If you're into landscape, the excellent EF-S 10-18 will set you back a meager 250$/€, compared to the 675g, 850$/€ 16-35 L IS. We all agree that a 6D with L glass is going to deliver higher quality images, but i deem the difference between the two camera systems insignificant for the use cases most of us cover.
Apr 12, 2016
I was looking in Belgium to get a 6D and I saw on the website of one of our biggest electronic retailers (vandeborre.be) a mention of "last pieces" for the 6D. Does this mean the 6DII is coming soon?

I sold my 5d3 last week. I loved the camera, but it was too much for what I did with it. Mainly taking landscape pictures and I only used the center AF point 90% of the time. Plus it was heavy to carry at long hikes.


Mar 25, 2016
I want to thank everyone who replied to this thread... In the end, I am going to go for the 80D.

I really loved everything about the IQ of the 6D, but the usability wasn't there for me (right now). Call it a combination of my shooting style and my own lack of lenses.

I can use the 80D today and get better results out of the equipment I already have. In a year or so, I will look into maybe a steal on a new/used 6D or even a 6D2... By that time I should hopefully have a couple more FF lenses and the whole FF thing will make more sense.

I am loving the 80D though! Thank you everyone :)